Sunday, October 27, 2013

Minges pumpkin festival

I know I said I would keep better track of writing but then I got busy again! 
you lived and so did I :)
BUT I am back again
I thought I would share with you some pictures of Minges Pumpkin Festival
This is by far my favorite festival EVER!
lots of crafts and handmade everything!
They have a few rides but the big attractions are the down home games 
(catch a greased pig, hay sack races, axe throwing)
They have some of the yummiest food....ok I don't usually buy any but I love to walk by each booth and just smell it. 
weird I know!
but roasted almonds and handmade pies, kettle corn made on the spot! 
my nose is in heaven at Minges!
 I got a few pictures of some of the cute things for sale....Then a lady yelled at me! something about stealing her ideas....HAHA she obviously doesn't read my blog and know that my crafts would NEVER turn out good enough to sell!

 Julia signed up for the pumpkin pie easting contest.
then she gave me this mad at the world look that she gives us all the time
I said "what's wrong?"
she huffed 
"there's no whip cream! I only signed up for this for the whip cream!"

 but she geared up for it anyway

 The boy next to her won but she did end up liking the pie and finished eating it

 I love this girl so much!
I'm a going to continue this: contes
till the end of this week!
make sure you get me your little things in life picture to me ASAP! 
email (
or comment below with the link
so excited to send out your prize if you have the best picture!
and remember camera phone photos are acceptable!!

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