Monday, November 4, 2013

Kings island

With things being so busy and more busy
we hadn't had time to spend a whole day together.
I hated it. 
I need family day.
The kids need family day
and finally one my husband came to me and he admitted 
"We need a family day."
 So I blocked a day off on the calender and made sure 
we bundled up and headed out to Kings Island!
This was the last day of the season and they were still celebrating Halloween so the whole park was decorated all spooky like.
this year I just used my camera phone instead of my big camera like last year.

I used to love riding all these rides!
I have so many great memories of coming here with my brothers and trying to get on every ride we could fit in. We each had our favorites and the ones we were scared of but with every passing year we would try to ride something new.
Now I can't even swing on the swings in my back yard with out feeling nauseous.
It makes me sad.
I miss these crazy roller coasters but I knew If I attempted it I would feel sick all day and that would just ruin it. so I stayed behind with the babies while Daddy, Uncle Josh Julia and Julia's friend buckled up

 Miss Belle would run up to the gates shouting"I AM TALL ENOUGH!!" but she was not even close... sorry baby girl maybe in three years.
 We kept ourselves occupied

Then it was time to head over to the kiddie land!
I can handle some of those rides.
She laughed so hard!
I never want to forget that sound.

 Stella still wasn't tall enough. but she seemed to have fun watching her sisters riding
 I snapped a quick picture of my hubby and me.
he's so handsome
 This is a little scary ride. you shoot monsters that jump out at you. she didn't really like it.
 They wanted to play a game.
She gave Stella her prize. so sweet!
I did get on a "big ride" with Julia. OK well it technically doesn't have any hills just fast turns but it was something!
 uncle Josh pushed the stroller.

 silly girls
 we had so much fun!

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