Thursday, October 31, 2013


First and foremost
It was early and Julia was running late to school. I couldn't get my camera setting right fast enough so I just put it on manual with the flash.
so I am not happy about that!
but I wanted to show you their costumes while I still have a chance.
I will be getting a group picture later and will share that tomorrow!

This year The Julia decided to go as something some what scarey. 
she's never done that before
Remember her epic costume from last year
and 2011
I am not sure exactly why she wanted to be a vampire but her costume was really easy to make!
I went to St. Vincent De-paul and picked up a black velvet skirt for like 50 cents!
cut along the seam and used the button to keep it in place around her neck. then I sewed on a red stiff felt for the collar.
she is wearing a black pants, red, shirt and teeth we had on hand and we got some blood for makeup.
 Later tonight she wants me to tape a zipper on her forehead and have blood dripping from it.......

I am at a lost as to why and where she got this idea.
 Now Miss Belle is always fun 
I like to play off her name when picking out her costumes
She was Princess Belle her first Halloween
Cow Belle the next
Taco Belle last year and this year.... drum roll please.....
Statue of Liberty Belle!
Her's was really easy too!
I picked up another skirt but this time it was sparkly silver
draped it around her sweater (it gets cold here on Halloween)
and pinned it down. 
Grandma Jo got her crown and flash light.
I sprayed her hair a little with silver and blotted some on her face.
she's wearing gray sweat pants
I want to record her saying what her costume is because it' s the sweetest thing ever!
"Satue ob wiberdy!"
Last year Stella was a peacock
 Lil Stella is having a few issues lately and it's making her cranky!
VERY cranky!
she likes things done her way and on her time!
she is very particular about her naps and bed time
she likes her food and drinks at a certain time
she likes quite time
she likes watching her show every day
she likes taking a walk every day. 
she is very much like clock work and if things don't go like she wants them
she yells. hits, and yells some more.
We think she has a grumpy little old lady trapped in her little body somewhere!
so what better costume than to make her a grumpy little old lady!

She is wearing a kitty cat sweater with a little knit cardigan over it. pearls and gray spray paint in her hair.
since she will be riding in her stroller while we go trick or treating
I am giving her a blanket and ball of yarn for her to work on her sewing project.

 Last but defiantly not least!
My step dad said I was crazy but
I have to dress Jerky up again!
so he is going as a swim suit model!
(I never buy anything for his costumes (that would be crazy) I just grab things around the house and make something up.
He is a great dog and loves to play dress up so he will more than likely wear this all day!

Can't wait to see what other costumes everyone else made!!!
I love making my kids every year and they really enjoy it too.
knowing mommy made it just for them. 
I plan the details far in advance (like June) and get so excited!
Today is finally the day we can show them off!

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