Monday, August 11, 2014

A 4th letter to Belle

Dear Belle,
4 years ago I gave birth for the first time.
We didn't find out the sex until that big day.
They held you up and said "It's a GIRL!"
 and the first thing that came to my mind was now Julia will always have a best friend.
We named you Belle Elizabeth Taylor
Belle was always my favorite Disney character because she was smart, strong, stood up for the mistreated ones, she sacrificed herself to protect her father, and ultimately fell in love with a person because of his personality not because of superficial looks or stature.
I felt like all of these qualities I wanted my daughter to have.
 I am beyond proud to say you do possess these things and much more!
You are smart, funny, creative, loving, caring, and always happy.
I smile when you do or say something that reminds me of myself but I admit you are a mini me but better! your imagination is so fascinating! and as much as I want to keep you bottled up in this age forever I can not wait to see what amazing things you do with all your talents.

 your a tender hearted soft soul with the sweetest little voice most people can't hear because you talk so quietly and shyly. You are scared of the dark and hate being alone.your favorite cartoon to watch is Spiderman and friends.(1970's version only) You pretend to be Fire-star and you fly around shooting fire balls at "bad guys" (typically Stella or Jerky). I feel like a psychologist would say this is your coping mechanism to help you feel safer. It's just another piece of your puzzle that I am completely in love with.
 I often think back on this day 4 years ago and think about how much my life has changed since you came into our world. I wouldn't change a thing about you and I hope you never question just how special you are.
Happy 4th Birthday 
Miss Belle!

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