Thursday, August 7, 2014

Week 2

As I started working this project I was really thinking why am I doing this in the first place?
I am very happy with life and honestly would change much at all.
but I feel like I have so much more to learn and do better in all aspects of my life to keep being happy.
everything is work. life is work, marriage is work, motherhood is work, work is work, and keeping up with all these job titles but still be yourself and be happy is work!
so what do I have to loose by taking a little challenge every week to really focus myself on improving.
for week 2 I am assigned to make a vision board of what I want my ideal life to look like.
I had recently through out all our magazines so making a physical board was going to be difficult unless I cut up some of Belle's coloring books and since my ideal life is not being a princess (that would be nice but I am trying to be realistic) 
I thought I would grab a few pins from pinterest. 
these don't have links to them......
a big no-no when blogging and using pinterest but I am tiered and pregnant and if you really want to find the correct links you do the work!! :P
I just like the message in each one so I copied and paste I do not claim to own anything that has to do with these. just borrowing for my own inspiration.

The first and I feel most important relationship aside for with God is with my husband.
The man I promised God I would spend my life with. I don't ever want to stop working on being a better wife...

 Then of course the one I feel needs the most help because if I don't work hard at being the best mom for my girls who else will? These gifts from God have been the hardest most stressful thing I have ever been given BUT They give me so much love, hope, laughter and joy that being a better mom is absolutely a top priority!

 Being a better me. I still have a lot of work to do on myself and my insecurities.

The second part of my assignment for the week was to take a picture of your ideal life board and post it somewhere you will see everyday. I choose my favorite bible versus and set it as my phone background. 
are you fallowing along with the life organizing challenge? it's more deep than I was thinking but I like it and am excited to grow.

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