Monday, August 4, 2014

How I decorated a nursery with no money!

Stella is very excited about the baby but not too excited about all the changes that means for her.
she is being evicted from the nursery
watch that adorable video here
did you notice all the decor? she had a twinkle twinkle little star theme with purple and pink colors.
This time around I wanted something totally different!
My sister doesn't approve of the middle name for this new one and says it reminds her of an Iguana.
as a joke I said we should decorate her room in Iguanas! 
then I started thinking more about it and was so excited to get started!!!
The budget for this room was 0$!
this is our 4th kid and the hubby says decorating does not trump food or house payments.......
darn :P
I used left over paint from another room and lots of little crafts we had on hand to make.

 The mobile was made from an embrodery hoop and felt flowers and leafs
That Iguana painting was done by all three of her sisters. We used fabric paint and painted Iguana's with bows on a pink crib sheet.
 We are just reusing the crib, dresser and changing table from the older girls.
That adorable little yellow dress is going to be worn when the baby comes home! I get so excited when I see it!!
 I did the H out of cardboard and yarn
Julia and Belle painted over old canvases
That frame was a messed up order I made a long time ago and never did anything with it.
the embroidery hoop says "I Guana Kiss You"
 I sewed little color coordinating scrapbook paper circles together and draped them along nails above the bed.
 a few other things from around the house that I thought would look good. the rug is made from lots of white scrap fabric I had.

there are little imperfections here and there but right now it's my favorite room in the house!!! I can not wait to meet this little girl and show her the room!
now just to get Stella to move out. she just loves sleeping in the crib and isn't ready to leave yet. hoping when we redecorate the big girls room next it will help her feel more comfortable.

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