Friday, September 26, 2014

home school preschool fall week

Home school this week was all about Fall.
since it is officially Fall now.

We learned this song:
(farmer and the dell)

The leaves are falling down 
the leaves are falling down
Red, yellow, green and brown
The leaves are falling down.

for the books this week the delivery man at the library was a little late at getting our books to us so I had to do some searching on you tube and found these videos we could watch instead:

they worked for this week. but I made sure to order the next weeks early so hopefully we will have them in time.

our activities were to put together a pumpkin name puzzle
I wanted to keep incorporating her name in activities to really help her learn how to spell her name but she has it down pat and I think she is ready to move on to something else because it took her no time to put this together.
 we gathered a few different types of leaves and painted them with the different colors of the fall and made our own fall tree. she loves to paint and this was her favorite. it's now hanging on our fridge and she has to show everyone that come to our house.
 next we went on a scavenger hunt. on her list were acorns, leaves, stick, grass, pine cones, bug, and other Autumn theme items.
 we saved the acorns from her scavenger hunt and did a little sorting math activity with all the numbers she has learned so far.
she is up to number 4 in her work book. the number 3 is still a little difficult for her to write on her own but shes getting there. all the other numbers are a breeze.
we worked on circles and squares.
she has her Our Father prayer memorized pretty well with a little dance/signage that we do along with it.
she really looks forward to preschool time with mommy and on our off days she ask if she can still do at least one workbook page. 
next week should be lots of fun because we will be tackling the topic of Babies! in prep for her new baby sister coming into the world soon!!

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