Friday, September 19, 2014

home school preschool float week

Home school Preschool week 3
this week we did quite a few science experiments and testing.
We read these books:

We sang 
row row row your boat

The first day we wanted to look at what is heavy and light
and how to tell how much something weights and material it is made out of.
we collected random objects and weighted them on a baby scale.
this didn't work too well because most of our objects were not even a pound!
so I let her hold one object in each hand and tell me which on was heavier or lighter.
 We also watched this little clip
We are HUGE Sesame street fans and this made Belle laugh big belly laughs.

The next day we got more into the floating aspect of things. she learned that just because something is heavy doesn't mean it will sink or float. we talking more about Density and materials that something is made of. she loved this too because she loves playing in water.
 Then We took our first home school preschool field trip!
we live about 5 mintues from the Ohio river and there is a Ferry boat that carries cars back and fourth from ohio to kentucky. We got to ride along on foot for $1.00!
I wanted lots of pictures but I was having anxiety about my girls walking around so close to the water. but I am in love with this one of Stella: I am not a fan of typical look at the camera a smile shots I like more candid them shots doing what they normally do. she was watching the water through the gate and looking for fish.

 the next day she build her own boat!
we used an egg cartin, torlet paper roll, construction paper, tape and paint.
everything we had on hand.

It works!
This week in her workbook she learned more about the numbers 2 and 3
color black and brown
patterns and circles
We always begin and end with a Hail Mary and Our Father prayer and she's really caught on to them faster than I thought she would.
another successful week for the books!

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