Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sister Rose (DIY nun doll)

so little know fact about me.....
I'm dyslexic.
well maybe it's not a little known fact because I am sure you have noticed some jumbled up words in my post from the past. 
I try to correct myself before hitting the publish button but things still slip past me.
sorry :)
it's WAY worse with numbers!!
I can't memorize phone numbers or count change very well at all.
I knew becoming an accountant, tax person, poker dealer, math teacher or even a cashier would not be a good career path for me.
back in Elementary school I was having a hard time keeping up with my classmates
my mom talked to the school and I had to have extra help on the weekends and after school with a very special lady.
Her name was Sister Rose.
she's a nun.
and she taught me how to read.
she was so sweet and caring and a little out there but that's something I loved about her.
others still think she was a little on the out there side and her tactics weren't very popular 
she was shortly after asked to retire as a teacher
 I knew it broke her heart. she loves kids and teaching was her passion.
she's now living in the local retired sister home but she comes back to my home church during festivals and special occasions.
she's one of my favorite people in the world!

I recently saw a nun doll for sale in a catalog. 
they wanted more money than I wanted to pay for a doll
but I thought what better kind of doll for my kids to play with than one that represents a person that dedicates their whole life to Jesus?
so I got out my sewing machine and some scrap fabric and just kind of winged it.

I owe a lot to Sister Rose 
even with my difficult time learning
 she never treated me like I was different than any other child. 
she was patient, kind and fun.
I learned to read, write and do math problems
I graduated highschool, trade school and even though I didn't complete my college degree (yet) I still kicked butt and got good grades.
 Big Thanks to Sister Rose.
I hope my girls idolize other people like her instead of a barbie doll.

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