Friday, September 5, 2014

Home school preschool! week 1

To go along with our desires to teach our children the values and education we feel is important
(more on that in this post)
We decided we wanted to home school preschool Miss Belle.
our church does offer a preschool and Miss Belle shows lots of signs that she is ready 
I however am not.
I have serious anxiety over my sweet shy little girl going away for a few hours a week.
Home school preschool seemed like the perfect way to help both us prepare for actual school next year.
over the summer I did TONS of research on different curriculums, workbooks and activities.
I loved the idea that we could completely customize what she is learning to what is going on in our lives at the moment.
So I made a basic calender and assigned each week to a topic. 
then roughly found activities we could do that surrounded that topic.
for example: we have a week about babies and family: close to our due date for new baby
week about the holiday that falls on that week (Christmas week on Christmas week)
learn about daddy's work on the week of his birthday so we can visit him
week about the health when we go to visit the doctor for check ups.
veggie week the week we plant new vegetables in our garden.
and ect.
plus I added topics that I thought she would be interested in like vet week and famous painters week.
 I have loosely planned each week out but every month and the week before I will go in to more detail about what activities, books, work pages and field trips we will do during that time also. 
I will post our weekly activities here, so I can reference back to this when planning Stella and the new baby and any other children my husband really wants to talk me into having in the future  :P

For our first week
we learned all about her name!
I thought this would be a perfect first week topic since learning how to spell and write her name is very important.
each day we start by doing a fun activity:
fishing for fish with the letters of her name on them.
once she got that down we flipped it over and the whole name was written along with other names and she had to find hers. she loved this game and has since played it 4 times!
 We found random objects like crayons, stars, yarn, buttons and traced her name with the objects
 we did a ALL about me book. I plan on keeping this book forever! she drew a picture of our dog Jerky on her family page and no one else! this fits her because she would probably give anything to actually be an animal.
We start the day off by saying a prayer. (our father) 
Julia said she since she started going to her new school she hates that she doesn't know any of the prayers yet that the other kids recite. so we are working on that and wanted to include Miss Belle.
then we sing a song (week topic related) this week was:
in the tune of BINGO

there was a mommy who had a baby and Belle was her name-o
and Belle was her name-o

she only started singing with me after three days of singing it to her but I randomly hear her sing it while shes playing or coloring. and now when I ask her how to spell her name she sings the song!
that's an A+ in my book already!!

Then we read a library book that also goes with the topic

I pre-ordered these books from our library. they were perfect for this week!

Then she does 2 pages out of her work book
a number page and a coloring page.
this is probably her favorite part of preschool because well if you know Miss Belle her absolutely favorite thing to do in the world!!

afterwards we sing the song again and close with a Hail Mary.

I was planning on doing her preschool in the morning time but I found that since she is outgrowing nap time it is easier to do it while the other kids are sleeping. this means I don't get to watch my beloved days of our lives BUT my daughter can spell and write her name all by her self! Sorry, Sammy and E.J. your cheesy acting is nothing compared to that!!!

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