Wednesday, November 26, 2014

home school preschool Thanksgiving

so it's only natural that this week for home school preschool we study about
we played a little number matching game with turkey feathers.
i know I am her mother and I have to think like this BUT 
my girl is a genius!
 then we made a slide picture show of what she is thankful for. 
i am not sure why she wanted to draw the pictures upside down.
She is special.
 then we spent sometime finding a fun desert we can make to share with our family on thanksgiving
she choose pilgrim cookie hats.
 she loves to cook, create and share in her projects with her sisters.
I am so thankful this year for so many things.
my soul mate 
my 4 princesses
our castle
guard dog
my endless jobs
our extended families and friends
i am truly happy with my life 
wouldn't change a thing.

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