Friday, November 21, 2014

home school preschool space week

 Space week.
I just never really been interested in it.
But my husband is a huge fan! He says his dream would be to be an astronaut. his favorite show is Ancient Aliens. He's not so much into si-fi movies but he is a nerd when it comes to rockets and planets and moons and all that. 
plus his company gets to work sometimes with NASA. He gets to see first hand some really neat things.
so Space week was a topic he asked me to cover in home school preschool.

We checked out these books from the library

We also watched this video of a real spaceshuttle blasting off!

as soon as she saw all that smoke and the rocket actually going into space she was hooked! she immediately said "I want to do that!" we had to re read all the books over again and she soaked in every little information we learned about space.

We are still reviewing her numbers 1-10 and started introducing a few letters.
so we did a connect the stars to form constellations of the upper and lower case A and B.
 Then we build a rocket puzzle with her name.
 next we dug through our recycle bin and made a rocket.  this was the same day as the video. So you can imagine what she did all day long with this rocket and a Barbie doll she made into an astronaut.
The next day we talked more about the moon.
she licked the icing off her oreos to make a diagram of all the phases of the moon.
then of course she ate them.
She also continued her work book 
direction pages and B's and C's

doing home school preschool I am learning so much about my daughter that I never knew and probably never would have had the opportunity to learn. 
this week she found a new love: Space.
 she found a new dream: to become an astronaut.
 Brian and her talked for a long time about all she learned and was very impressed and they had a full conversation about constellations and gravity and rockets. watching them both talking about it and being so excited was definitely worth me having to teach a week about something I don't find interesting.

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