Tuesday, December 2, 2014

30 days old

OK we are going to o back in time.
back when I was pregnant with Stella
I felt this instant connection with her moving around in my belly.
like I knew every bit of her personality
I knew without a doubt she was a girl and I knew she was stubborn and fearless.
from the second she was born it was like she knew me and I knew her and we were best friends.
is a complete mystery.
mainly because i think she sleeps so much!!
seriously this child loves her sleep.


I asked Brian and he says Hazel reminds him the most of me.
I don't sleep so I was completely confused.
He said she is the most laid back and content little girl.
she goes with the flow and doesn't like to make too much of a fuss.
just like her mommy.
I can see that but I think he gives me too much credit :)
I don't always feel so laid back, maybe I just know how to look the part.
 she reminds me of little things about Miss Belle. she is a spitting image of her big sister. she stretches the same and makes the same grunting noises. but then there are obvious differences too. she has wider hands and fingers, her feet are really long and skinny. she have pointy ears and a bigger nose. o and of course she sleeps way more and way better than miss Belle ever did!

(p.s. my absolute favorite picture of her so far!)

 My mom's dad, my Grandpa Gangloff, built these booster seats for his children
like a million years ago. 
OK not really but at least 40+ something years.
 he had 6 children and they each got their own booster. these were passed down and my generation used them growing up. we have had this one for a couple of years and use it every night. I was trying to figure out what how to stage Hazel's monthly pictures and I really wanted to use something that had a good story.
Well what's more perfect?!
My grandpa passed away back when I was in high school
I have a lot of good memories of him and he is greatly missed.
I often think about what he would think about me and my girls now.
what he would build them or what pretty coats he would have gotten them for Christmas.
and I guarantee he would come over and kidnap them from time to time and take them to lunch at skyline.
but Heaven is too far away. 
at least my girls do get plenty of skyline lunches sitting in this booster chair.
 (the blanket was a gift from my husbands company! I love those people! they are the best!)

Happy one month Hazel Gwendolyn
now you can start waking up more during the day so we can get to know you better. 
but keep your night sleep schedule.
mommy really appreciates it.

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