Friday, December 5, 2014

home school preschool senses week

we learned all about our 5 senses this week
I found really old Jimny Cricket videos that really do a great way of explaining our senses
each day we tackled one 
(but we ran out of time for hearing, sorry ears)

Tuesday we did touch

I blind folded her and had her hold her hand out to touch a textured object.
she had to describe it to me and then we glued it a picture of my hand.
in this picture she is tracing the letters, that was not part of the assignment but she is really excited to be able to write actual letters and words. 
so any chance she gets she does this.
 The next day we talked about sight
then we made a chart of colors and she had to play I spy and find a toy for each color.
Smell was next

for this day I found this recipe for a pumpkin scented play doh.
this was fun but it crumbles easily and I didn't want to sweep my floor twice as much as I do already so after she lost interest I snuck it in the garbage. shhhh!
 since the smell and taste were combined in the Jimny Cricket video we didn't watch one on friday.
we made a chart of the different taste and tried a little treat from each group. she had to describe the taste and then color if she liked it or disliked it. of course she hated everyone EXCEPT sweet!
In her workbook we moved on the letters Dd and Ee 
and practiced a lot of matching and sorting like animals and their home, objects and what room in the house they belong and what clothes you wear during different weather conditions.

it was a fun week. and she knew most of this information already but to really focus on each senses (except hearing) I think was fun for her.
If sometime this weekend (doubtful) we find some extra time I will find a game to go over hearing because now I feel guilty we didn't cover it.

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