Monday, January 5, 2015

Hazel is 2 months

Hazel is 2 months old!
she still sleeps a lot 
her personality is starting to really come out.
she's very laid back
I have never met a baby that just was so quite and content 90% of the time.
 and this week she is finally giving us some HUGE smiles!
and when she does her big eyes just light up so bright!
it's my favorite.
she is a lot different than her sisters.
she loves to be swaddled, holding my hands, laying on her belly, and having her hair washed.
but then there are things that are similar
she loves being rocked, sucking on her binky, being sung to and her swing.
i am falling in love with her more everyday.

 Jerky has adjusted just fine to yet another little girl to protect.
He stays close but not too close. he will lick her feet but then never gets in her face. he seriously is such a great dog. I had to do something with him during this months pictures.
so we did a little red riding hood and big bad wolf theme.

 she's now 11 pounds! 
and starting to get some baby fat rolls on her thighs!! 
none of my kids ever really had fat rolls
 so I am excited lol
I posted this video on facebook of her trick!
she is so smart!
2 months old already.
I need to learn how to slow time down...... been trying to do that for the last 9 years and it's still going too fast.

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