Monday, March 9, 2015

home school preschool weather week

living in Cincinnati has it's perks.
our weather can be a perk
and sometimes be a big pain!
We get to experience almost all of the different weather types throughout the year and sometimes even in one week!
This past week we had blizzard like  snow, freezing rain, flooding and then sunshine!
The forecast is calling for Temps in the 50's!! I am so excited to see grass again soon!
We studied weather this week in home school preschool.
we read these books
and the bible story of Jesus calming the storm

And made a weather map to hang on the wall. It's now part of our daily routine to describe the weather and turn the arrow to the weather we are having on that day.

We then made a rainy day number page with raindrops to match the numbers listed.
We used this tutorial to create a Tornado in a bottle.
The last day we wanted to create a sun catcher with beads we have on hand. I found the info here
but we didn't have luck in ours actually melting together or easy removal from the pan
so add that to my pinterest fails...
She reviewed all her numbers 1-10 and then we worked on the letters Tt and Uu

not much else to say about weather week except it was a fun topic to learn with tons of ideas to incorporate. 
I am nervous because she has her kindergarten screening today.
there is no denying how smart she is. i just worry she will be too shy to show it off to the teacher. I know the screening doesn't mean a whole lot but what can I say she is my little girl and I can't help but worry about every little thing. 

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