Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hazel is four months

She's really starting to show off her personality more and it's perfect.
she's still laid back and calm most of the time
but she has a pair of lungs on her. It might be because she feels she has to be louder than her 3 big sisters in order to be heard. She also is getting bigger by the minute!
She's a whopping  15 pounds!
That's giant for one of my girls.

my nickname is Chachi.
there are members of my family that only use this name.
I can't even remember my Dad calling me Kassondra.
My brother started the nickname back when we were toddlers and it's stuck to this day.
My husband started calling Hazel, Winnie a few months ago. And now that's all he calls her. He says she is his Winnie bear. I love it. And in his honor I did a little Winnie the pooh theme set up for this month's pictures. And wouldn't you know the only picture I have ever caught with her big blue eyes lite up and that toothless grin is the Winnie pucture!
she's starting to get too big. If she is not sitting up by next month I am not sure she will fit in the booster chair!
4 months! Gosh too fast!

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