Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cincinnati Museum

Like I said in this post 
we visited the Cincinnati Museum
It's a great place.
so beautiful!
I could seriously sit at a table in the front lobby area for hours!
the paintings on the walls, the windows and just overall atmosphere is heaven to me.
that might sound weird but I love people watching at a really busy place.

But my family doesn't really like people watching.
so off we went to explore.

The Cincinnati History part of the museum is my favorite. I have always been fascinated with the 1940-1960 time periods. They have some great displays but lil Stella likes to make a break for it when mom is busy taking pictures and explore the displays herself!

she kept knocking on this door saying "let me in!!" 
if joining the Army is what she really wants to do I will support her 100% 
I just think she needs to wait a bit longer :P

Someday I will get to visit places like the park, zoo, museum, and I will actually get to take my time, take lots of pictures and read the information. 
but for now I will enjoy watching my children doing what they do best.
 run around and have a blast getting into places they shouldn't.
and if you are wondering why The Julia isn't pictured. well sometimes we as parents have to make hard decisions. When a fun day on the calender and a day of being grounded just happened to fall together, We needed to keep our foot down and hopefully make her see that we mean business. 
this was really hard for me and I had so much guilt all day but Julia survived and she says she learned her lesson.....only time will tell 
but I sure hope so

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