Wednesday, April 1, 2015

slap me!

 even though this is our 4th and I have taken care of babies my entire life, I still have moments where I feel like I have no idea what I am doing. during the day when Hazel was sleepy I would just set her up in the swing and let her rock to sleep. Then this last month she started fighting it bad! screaming so hard and was just inconsolable. she wasn't hungry, had a clean diaper, wanted nothing to do with toys or even being held. I was so lost as what she wanted. I felt like during these times someone switched my sweet Hazel with a crazy angry baby! Then right before all the screaming got to be too much I just wrapped her up as tight as I could and laid her in her bassinet up stairs next to my room.I needed to take a break
and guess what?
it worked!
she fell a sleep!
I felt like I needed someone to slap me!
she just wanted to be away from all the noises downstairs in order to get a good nap.
I don't know why it took me so long to figure it out! 
maybe it's my own lack of sleep
but my happy girl is back!
 Then I realized that she is growing
and soon she will out grow her bassinet and who knows if we will ever be using it again!
so you know me I had to pick up my camera and take as many pictures as I quietly could.

I tried to move around to every angle I could. I noticed our wedding picture on the dresser. 
I loved that.

When you are pregnant the baby is with you all of the time
when you are breast feeding the baby is literately attached to you
when you co-sleep (sleep in same room) they are with you.
you get pretty used to this little creature being your side kick and in our family when they get too big for the bassinet it's really the first step in baby getting some independence. she will officially move to the nursery.
this makes me sad. 
I know I have separation issues with my children and moving across the hall is not really a big deal 
I should just hold all these emotions in for when something really big comes like KINDERGARTEN!
Lord help me for the other big growing up steps. driving, graduation, college, moving out, marriage
my children growing up. it's coming but for now I will tip toe around them sleeping and snap as many pictures as I can.

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