Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Home school preschool Easter week!

Last week was Easter Theme week for home school preschool
 We focused a lot on all the events leading up to Easter.
we read all the stories in the bible 
washing of the feet
the last super
the Garden of Gethsemane
Jesus being arrested and sentenced to death
his crucifixion
and then the happiest ending of any story
The Resurrection!!
back when Julia was younger I always debated on telling her the whole story.
I mean it gets pretty graphic and scary for a little one to hear about all the pain.
But the whole story is the basis of our faith.
I don't want to sugar coat it or skip passed anything for fear that it might scar my children.
I actually do want it to scar them.
sort of.
Jesus endured all the humiliation, pain and betrayal for us
because he loved us.
This is one thing I want them to know without any filters.
So I tell them exactly what the bible tells us.
I think this helps them understand better about why Easter is so important.

We also did a few fun activities.
color matching with plastic eggs.
 Number of Carrot leaves that is listed on the carrot.
 I wrote all the stations of the cross in a blank book and Belle drew a picture of what she thought was happening. Jesus is the happy guy because he understands why he is doing this and Simon is sad because he feels bad for Jesus. Miss Belle also felt bad that Simon was sad so she drew party hats on everyone to lighten the mood. 
see she's not scarred but might need to work on her cross drawing skills.
 she worked on lots of math papers in her workbook and we continued her ABC's flashcards.

Then we did our traditional family Easter activities.
a few years ago we were broke.
like really really broke!
so much so we couldn't afford Easter baskets for the kids 
I was really upset but didn't want to call off the bunny's stop at our house.
 I picked up a few brown paper bags from the grocery store and we cut and painted them to look like baskets. This worked perfect and every year since the kids actually prefer to make their baskets.
 so we that's what we did again this year. 
After the bags were drying my mom stopped by and we dyed eggs.

 and we also got another traditional Eater family picture in front of our house.
but I wanted a more serious look so I said NO SMILES! 3 people listened. Belle likes to smile and Stella likes to make pirate faces. Hazel, I think she's just there for the ride, no real opinions on our family pictures yet.
We had the best Easter and hope you did too!

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