Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Home school preschool Art week

I had been waiting for this week's theme for a long time!
Art week!
Art seems to be mine and Belle's thing. 
everyone like to color in our house but Belle and I really really live to just make art, get creative and try something messy.
so for day one we practiced mixing colors to create new colors
I did a Google search for a painting that is displayed at our art museum that she could recreate.
I didn't do any research about this painting 
I should do that.

Next we tried our hand at paper mache.
we found a at home recipe with 3 parts water one part flour. dip newspaper strips in then place over a bowl.
this worked good except it's completely stuck to the bowl!
I ended up throwing the whole thing out :( 
I will have to figure out what we did wrong and try this one again.

day 3 was all about photography.
I mean come on how can I pass on a lesson to teach my girl something I love!?
we worked on shooting at different angles and getting different perspectives. she took all these photos in the collage.
We watched this video about Picasso
She was really interested in all his funny face paintings
and one morning out of no where she came to me with a paper and said "look mom I can draw like Peak-AH-soo!"
I am always so excited when she remembers things we talked about during other time besides preschool time. puts a big smile on my face!
Then We actually went to the Art museum.
it's one of my favorite places to visit!
1-it's free
2-there are always new things to see
3-it's art!
we were on a mission to find the painting she recreated but it was no where to be found.
we did see it in an advertisement for the museum but I don't think that counts
guess we will just have to go back.
We then did a little abstract art with a spare cell phone case.
It turned out really cool!
and we also did some mosaic tile work and created a bird bath! -this had been on my to do list for 2 years now! glad it took so long because Belle really enjoyed it.

I think it turned out soooooooooooooo cute!
we did do some work on her math with numbers form 20-31
still plugging away at her ABC's
Art week was Awesome!!!
my favorite by far :)

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