Monday, May 11, 2015

Hazel's half birthday

Every passing month I am more in disbelief that time goes so darn fast!
Hazel is a half a year old now!!
 She still gets tons of compliments on her BIG blue eyes.
 she is just the sweetest thing. always so happy and laid back.
 and still no hair. we take lots of walks around here and after noticing her bald head turning red I ran out and got her a little sun hat. she looks so darn cute I knew I needed to do her 6 month pictures in it.
 she's eating food now and breast feeding like a champ. rolling over everywhere. talking up a storm and squeals high pitch loud squeals.
 she is growing more and more into a Daddy's girl every time she sees him.
 her sisters fascinate her and any dog that runs by her is an instantly catches her eye and she wants to grab their face and eat their ears. Jerky doesn't seem to mind.

 When I try to hold her on my hip she always leans all the way forward like she wants to be dropped. I prop her back up but she leans forward again. every time now. I was carrying her in the store and she started doing this and some stranger looked terrified that I was actually going to drop her and reached her hand out to "save her". got to love strangers. I wont drop my kid she just wants to be dropped.
still not sleeping through the night 
but her sisters were way worse
and knowing this could possibly be the last few months I am awaken by a baby in the middle of the night, makes it a little more bearable.
no teeth yet but they are moving around alot and she is chewing and slobbering on everything
 she's not sitting up yet and her monthly picture was almost impossible to get this month. 
we couldn't find a good comfortable pose for her so we moved really fast before she fell over.
I love her more everyday.
that smile is the sunshine of my day.
I love you sooooo much Hazel Gwendolyn Taylor

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