Wednesday, May 20, 2015

swing set makeover!

Last year we purchased this swing set for the girls.
 My in laws picked it up and delivered it to us.
then we had a baby and winter came.
I spent much of that time staring outside the windows dreaming up ways to make it pretty.

 Finally the snow melted and warmer weather was here to stay!
So I grabbed my little artist buddy and we got started

 of course the other two wanted to help but quickly got bored and ran off to play.
 Miss Belle and I spent a whole day painting flowers, a sun, grass and even a bee along the house part of the swing set. we had music playing and ate Popsicles. it was perfect!
After the painting was complete I got to stain the whole thing!
I have never stained anything before so I found it fun.

 The roof was missing and I was racking my brain on ways to fix it without spending any money.
Then My aunt Debbie showed up one morning with a HUGE container full of water proof ribbon. she said she knew I would figure something out for them.
 So I weaved and weaved
 I am crazy in love with how everything turned out! our back yard looks closer to my dream back yard.
only thing missing is a chicken coop!

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