Monday, May 18, 2015

home school preschool fire safety week

Last week was Fire safety week in home school preschool.
I have talked about my fear of fires
So I wanted to really focus on teaching Miss Belle what to do in case of a fire or really any emergency
We talked a lot about 911
I made sure she understood it was only for real emergencies 
I would give her different scenarios and ask if she should call 911 
like if her sister isn't sharing or if mommy fell down and couldn't wake up
she always answered correctly 
so I am not nervous about her making prank calls like when her big sister learned about 911.

We also made a paper that has our address and phone numbers so she could read this to an operator if she needed to call. we posted it on our refrigerator.

We listened to this real life 911 conversation to let her know not to be afraid of calling because they are very nice people that want to help.
Miss Belle is very shy and talking on the phone is not one of her favorites. sounds very familiar to someone else I know pretty lol

the next day we talked more about fires and all the tools out there to help. we made a scavenger hunt and drew pictures of what each thing looks like. then while at the stores, school, our walks or even at home we pointed out what we saw.
we made a little fire man craft
and most importantly for my own anxiety relief we made a map of our house and practiced where to go in case of a fire. we practiced how to check doors and crawling low, shouting out a window and not grabbing any material things. we got out of the house and made a meeting place. we also practiced stop, drop and roll!
we also worked on making a graph
she asked all her friends what their favorite pets were and we made a graph based on the info she gathered and answered questions.
She is working on her new reading workbook and going over uppercase and lowercase letters and the sounds each letter makes.

I can only hope and pray that she never needs to use the things we learned this past week but I am so thankful we learned them anyways.

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