Tuesday, July 14, 2015

3rd letter to Stella

Dear Stella,
There is just something so special about you and everyone that knows you can't quite put their finger on it but you are all kinds of charming, funny, slightly bad attitude-like and full of spunk.

You love to talk in any kind of accent and everything is SO EXITING!   you have to pronunciate every word exactly and pause after each word to make sure we heard you correctly.
 plus the faces!
where did they come from?
this is your pirate face, which inspired your birthday pictures.
 You are ready for every adventure and thrill ride out there. 
you are full of bravery and love of life. 
your small size will never hold you back.
who cares if you still wear 18 month clothes and Hazel has you beat in the weight department.
you show everyone this tiny girl has a whole lot of punch to give.
since the moment I found out I was pregnant with you I knew you would be the one to give me a run for my money. you have a lot of your big sister Julia in you but you are also so very much you own person.
You are Belle's best friend
and Hazel's clown
you are the one that relieves any stress Daddy has the second he walks in to door and you are waiting there to give him a big hug.
Jerky wishes so badly you would love on him but you hate his fur 
you love cotton and still suck on that thumb
you eat everything unless Belle tells you it's gross.
you are obsessed with My little pony and Mickey mouse.
you would rather live in your PJ's and throw a massive fit if we try to tell you that your night gown is not appropriate for church.
and yes for that 1,245th time I love your toes! why do you keep asking me that?

 3 years ago I was handed you by your Daddy at the hospital. and my heart about burst! 
like your name means you truly are the star of our family.
Thank you for being you. 
please don't stop.

Happy 3rd Birthday Stella
lil Stella
Stella bug
Stella Jo
now go make some more prank calls on my cell phone.

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