Friday, July 17, 2015

Vintage mickey is my hero.

Hazel has officially moved into the little girls room!
 the transition had been great! She seemed to really sleep well in her bed and I was actually feeling like I was getting some rest too!
But then last night happened.
She woke up about a half hour after I went to bed at 11:30.
I fed her, rocked her, changed her diaper, fed her some more and she just continued to cry. I then checked and she had no fever but thinking maybe her teeth are bothering her I gave her some Tylenol. 3 hours later she was still crying. My husband, finally, got up to see if he could help and she continued to cry. 
We tried to just let her cry it out but her sisters share a room with her and that would make for 3 crying children and we were not in any mind set for that.
then I remembered something that was given to us earlier that day. Well technically it would have been yesterday since it was 4 am!
 Grandma Jo had stopped by with a bag full of goodies! She's always has treasures for us. Remember this one a few years ago?
Well at the bottom of this new bag was another Vintage mickey mouse toy! Grandma had handed it to Hazel  and she was mesmerized by the moving hands, feet and "it's a small word" tune.

I ran down to the toy room found vintage mickey and geared it up. We placed it in her crib.
She didn't make a sound.
it was rather dark so I'm not sure how much she could actually focus on the movement but she seemed so comforted by the music.
 We tip toes out of her room and back into our own bed. Only to be woken up by the alarm 45 minutes later. Brian had to get ready for work. I am awake the whole time he's getting ready and then after he leaves I got an hour more of sleep before my alarm went off.
But Hazel? Yeah it's 10 am now and she's doing this...

I am jealous of all her snoozing right now but I am so grateful to Grandma Jo and her bags of goodies and expecially vintage mickey!

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