Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Painting our own coloring pages

We LOVE to paint!
well OK I LOVE to paint.
but my girls and Harper Jane love to do craft and art projects 
so I am trying to do more with them this summer

I found an idea to take a picture and turn it black and white then boost up the contrast
make all the dark REALLY dark and all the whites REALLY white.
so this gives it sort of a coloring book look. I did this for each person.

I just printed them on regular computer paper then let them have free range with the water color paints. 
I did try to keep Harper's clothes free from the paint.  I cut holes out of a plastic bag for her head and arms.
 my kids are either wearing dress up clothes or pj's so I am not worried about stains with those.
I also wanted to join in on the fun so I painted Hazel.

We had a lot of fun and I really like how they each are different and reflect them.

Julia's is more abstract

 Belle is a BLOODY clown look 
Harper's has that special 1 year old finger painted touch.
and Stella just wanted to mix colors.

I was gifted this awesome Bus 
for Home School preschool activities.
I am not too sure how to use it.
 I don't own any of the reading cards that normally go into the slots so for now I just hang their art.
We have new kids and returning kids that are starting full time soon and so I am on the look out for more art projects we can do together like this! if you have any ideas send them my way!!!

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