Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hazel is ten months!

double digits in months now!
so close to that first birthday 
but still so much to accomplish before she gets there.
all on her own time.

 this is the biggest change since last month
pulling herself up and standing
 she's a big girl now and she will even raise her arms up really high when you say "SO BIG!"
she still loves peek a boo but now she uses her hands to cover up her eyes.
she knows how to wave but would rather just bang on her belly to say hi or pick me up.
more times than not she is sleeping through the night now!!!!! THANK YOU GOD!
She is talking a lot but we just are not totally sure what the words are yet.
she eats everything off the floor and is into biting, never when she nurses just you know my neck, my arms, and my legs. the older ones never went through this stage but Hazel is determined to be different. 
she is a huge mama's girl. I am loving it but again unlike her sisters, who love me but would prefer Daddy anytime. Hazel likes hugs from Daddy but then reaches for me. I had a photo session and while I was gone Brian said she crawled to the steps and cried while looking up the steps. he said she thought I was upstairs and she wanted me to come down. that breaks my heart but makes me feel special all at the same time.
ten months is a good phase to be at. she's a delightfully happy and content baby who just loves her mama. let's just freeze time right here. because I know at some point in the future you WILL be like your older sisters and tell me how mean I am or that you even hate me from time to time. so freezing time sounds good to me.
happy 10 months

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