Thursday, June 13, 2019

Julia's 14th letter

Dear Julia,
Here we are.
another year.
and I am pretty sure this 14th birthday is going to be one we might not always look back on 
with big smiles. 
you kind of hate me right now. 
or at least that's what you screamed at me after you slammed your door.
but everyone tells me that is to be expected at this age
I will just continue to love you and be here for whenever you do decide to open the door again.
  until then I want to go ahead and write a letter about all the good.
because believe it or not I see a lot of good.

You are so strong. 
You have this brilliant brain that is always thinking and problem solving.
 you question everything and you have a very good gift of arguing why your point is right. 
 I admit your logic most of the time makes complete sense.  
We joke about how you will make a great lawyer but I don't think its entirely a joke. 
you would be perfect at defending someone. I pray if that's the route God has planned for you,
 you use those gifts for good, for innocent, for justice.

 this age is full of insecurities.
 I hate that.
 I know you think I have to say these things but sweetheart you have nothing to be insecure about.
 If anyone makes you feel less than, they suck.
please don't waste your energy on them. focus on what you love about yourself, what makes you happy, your dreams and what you have to do to achieve them.
 You are about to start high school!
 it's such a huge step in growing up and its going to be a great ride with lots of ups and downs. you're going to truly learn so much about yourself. I am so excited for all the clubs, teams, projects, reports, events, dances, sports, celebrations, friends nights, concerts, jobs, driving and yes even the boyfriends. just please don't settle for less than you deserve and PLEASE let us build trust with you and whomever you choose to spend time with. 
as much growing as you are about to do, you will always be our little girl.
 it's our job to love you protect you and support you. 
we will never stop but you can make it a bit easier on us all if you just let us.
 You have so many people that love you.
 I can't even tell you the amount of people that know our story or have just spent a little time with you, They all have fallen under your spell. 
they adore you. they root for you. 
from the ladies in my mom group, to my friends from old jobs, the neighbors, your old teachers, your friends parents, or just people we have gotten to know through this world on the internet.
 I get asked about you all the time.
 I remember back when you were a toddler
 and everyone we would meet would completely gush over you. 
you always had this sparkle about you. 
you are unforgettable.
 You are stunning!
 natural beauty but you also have a talent for make up that blows my mind! 
you have a style about you that I can't put a label on. 
you're simple, classic, a bit sporty but also very girlie. 
I give up trying to buy clothes for you because just when I think I know what you will like you raid my closet and totally surprise me with something I never would have guessed you would have liked.
 I grew up with brothers until I was 12, so sharing clothes, make up and hair things was not an option for me. I am excited I get a taste of that with sharing your things.
 except shoes, dang girl!
 I say it everyday and I will never stop. I love you. I thank God for you. you make me a better person. you matter. don't ever forget that nothing you could ever say or do will ever change any of that!
My teenager,
The Julia
Julia Rose

Mom :D

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