Friday, November 9, 2018

Hazel's 4th letter

life has been extra busy and I am just getting time to write your birthday letter. 
Things like that make me feel so guilty!
you deserve the best and there are just so many things I am not good at or feel just so overwhelmed and I end up dropping balls.
 you are always the first to give big hugs and say "you're the best mom."
you remind me that you don't need extravagant, you need just need love.
you're happy.
it's a perfect reminder for me to let go of the big expectations I have for how to be a great mom and just give you extra squeezes 

Clifford has moved down your list of favorite cartoons and now you're loving PJ Mask
you are starting to develop a picky eater complex but you try so hard to be polite and push your plate away while saying "no thank you, Mama."
You don't take naps anymore
but your always the last one to wake up in the morning.
your sisters have to give you hugs and wave good bye when we drop them off for school
then on the way home you always get so happy because it's just me and you- for all of 10 minutes before the babysitting kids get here.
you absolutely love bath time.
 The love of tools, fixing and work is still ingrained in your being. 
you hear a hammer or drill and you go running!
we have had a lot of repairs and new appliances arrive at our house this past year and you made friends with every delivery/repair man that came over.
you claimed a pink tape measure that was in daddy's tool box.
you walk around seeing how tall everything is.
you also insisted on getting work boots like daddy but requested they be pink & I actually found a pair:

You always talk in, not 3rd person but you always say: Me.
like "Me, love you"
"Me want a snack"
"Me don't know how to do that."
it's absolutely the cutest thing. I know you will grow out of it and probably sometime soon so every time I hear it I have to pause for a moment and just smile.

o my goodness do you love your sisters.
you very much are concerned with how they feel and making sure they are included in anything special.
you're not very good at secrets or surprises.
if you get something special you want them to also have the same.

you have big muscles
an amazing memory
a practical joker
obsessed with chap stick
pro UNO player
will hyperventilate if sent to time out. 
which really isn't very often because you are so good.
always up for adventures
soaks in new knowledge and details like a sponge

I am so grateful to be your mom.
to have front row seats to your life and be the biggest fan
I can't get enough of you and I am just so excited to see what God has planned for you.
I love you Hazel 


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