Thursday, September 1, 2011

the babies!

I am taking a break from posting about Africa. mainly because i could go on and on and i don't want you to get bored of hearing about them. so i will share in doses :) for now I will post about the three little angels I get to spend my days with:
Korben, he's a sweet quite one but when he's hungry you better watch out!
of course my baby girl Miss Belle
and the funniest little guy JP. his laugh will crack you up!
I was busy doing dishes and all three babies were tired of playing with their toys. So i plopped them down in the kitchen. (which is the next room to get remodeled just so you know) and let them bang on pots and pans.
"are they triplets?" "all yours?" "you've got your hands full!" "are your crazy!" "how do you do it?" i get these questions just about everyday, well everyday i walk out in public with them. I answer all the questions with a smile. I love having the babies. they give me great excuses for not cleaning :) but seriously they are perfect babies and i know will grow up to be best friends! Plus I feel like I got a good grip on how to deal with these three. They are somewhat on the same schedule and at nap time i like to sneak a peak at them:

so maybe i am a little crazy but i know my limits and i can only handle three............... well maybe one more wouldn't hurt.................

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