Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Go knights!

raising two girls, my days are consumed in pink and lace. princesses and dress up. so when my uncle asked me to take pictures of his little league football team, I jumped at the chance to watch little boys tackle each other in the mud!

my uncle Jeremy always was the FUN uncle! He always played games and tricks on us growing up. so it was no surprise to me when he started coaching football to a bunch of kids he doesn't even know. (JP is his only child and isn't old enough yet to play) And it was a even bigger NO BRAINER that these kids look up to him and listen to every word he says. He's an awesome person!

I cant wait for the day when I have a little boy wearing a helmet too big for his head. I already know I will be the crazy mom in the stands cheering all decked out in face paint and a foam finger! but until then I will be the crazy mom drinking pretend tea with a pink feather boa wrapped around my neck.

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