Monday, September 26, 2011

My Birthday Celebration

The church that we got married at had a picnic at stricker's grove .
Every year it is on the weekend of my birthday so I love going there with the kids and riding all the rides I can. The next morning we drove over to Grandma's and dropped the girls off so mommy and daddy could have our own fun.........
I know very romantic lol but all I wanted for my birthday was to look for stuff for the house and not be distracted by two little girls not enjoying themselves.

I got some super cute ideas! then we were off to get my birthday present
I like tattoos that have meaning behind them. I feel like if I'm going to put something on my body that is permanent then I want it to be special to me. not a butterfly, flower, or star. I feel like a little piece of my heart is still in Uganda with those children at Cove Alliance. so to remember them this is what I got:
I had the greatest Birthday ever! and the best part was that I got to spend it with this goofy wonderful man:

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