Wednesday, September 7, 2011

new shoes

This picture just warms my heart. One of the first things we noticed after arriving at St. Jerome Cove center was that most of the children didn't own shoes or the shoes they did own were falling apart. we spent the first night in tears over the fact that our children have three or four pairs of shoes just sitting in their closets. We begged Father Hillary to let us go ahead and pass out the shoes we brought with us in one of our suitcases. he laughed at us and shook his head. the kids stood patiently in line. there was no pushing, or fighting. these children stood in single file line waiting for their turn to get their feet fitted for new shoes.
old and new
they were so thankful. This is father Tom teaching the children high fives.
a big lesson we learned while trying on the shoes is that even though we had tons of shoes donated we had only certain sizes and there were not enough to fit every child. we were so upset to have to tell those children that they would not be getting shoes that day. they seemed broken hearted and that just killed us. Father Hilary told us not to worry. it would be like if you have twins and one child got something for their birthday and the other didn't. it's not fair but it's a lesson the children have to learn. they should be happy for the children that got new shoes and trust that god with let them have their day. (see why i love him!)

I have my heart set on going back to uganda in two years, this time with my husband. I started collecting shoes, toys and clothes to take with me. if anyone is interested in donating these things please email me or message me through facebook.

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