Friday, September 30, 2011


There were so many people in Uganda that have touched my heart and I will never forget them. This is Teddy. She is a 9 year old beautiful shy little girl. she reminded me of my Belle the way she would hide her face when you were talking to her but then concentrate on every word you said. I knew instintly she was smart.
Teddy was born to a mother and father who both passed away of AIDs when she was younger. She was then placed in a foster home with a women that raised her as her own. two years ago Teddy's foster mother passed away from Malaria.
The thought of losing TWO mothers early in childhood chrushed me. I lost all control and started crying. I wanted so despertly to bring her home with me and try to give her a home she could feel safe and sucure in. A place where she doesn't have to worry about death and sickness. a place where she can play and laugh. I know thats not possible but what is possible is I can share her story and maybe someone out there reading it will be able to help Teddy.
you see Teddy is eligible for attenting St. Jerome Cove Center next year. There she will go to school to learn everything she needs to have a better life. she will live at the boarding center with other children her age, make friends and finally laugh and be a child for once in her life. She will also have all the medical attention at her finger tips to help her with her aids. Food and CLEAN water to prevent Malaria. the only thing standing in her way is money. She needs a sponser.
The commitment is $25 a month! That's less than dinner one night at a restaurant! If you are interested please visit Cove Centers website :
you can put in a request for help Teddy or any other child on the waiting list.
I have seen first hand what Cove Center does with the money and it 100% helps these children grow into amazing people!

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