Thursday, September 29, 2011


I find it really sad that the post office is having hard times. In a way I feel like we could lose apart of history, if they close down. I know some people dread going to check the mail because it's just filled with bills and junk. but nothing beats that feeling when you see a genuine letter in the mail addressed with your name on it. you feel like a little kid wondering what's inside and even if there's no money your still happy that someone took the time to write you something and mail it.
I decided why not spend $0.44 on a stamp, make someone else feel special and help out the mail man at the same time?

Plus I got to make some cute Halloween cards!

The very next day i got phone calls saying thanks for the card! mission complete! before I go I wanted to show you another peak at what craft time really looks like in my house:

She's a great helper!

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