Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Circle of Life (from africa to ohio)

One of my favorite movies growing up was the lion king. I had not seen the movie in such a long time when another mission group member pressed play for all the children at the St. Jerome Cove center to watch. I was supposed to be painting and working but I just couldn't bring myself to walk away. The kids loved pointing out all the animals to me and teaching me their names in the native language. it was amazing because most of these kids have never seen a movie before! This is by far one of my favorite pictures it reminds me of The Julia sitting so close to the TV (guess all kids everywhere have the same idea):
I am trying to teach my girls to be grateful for what they are blessed with because we have a lot to be thankful for. I talk about the kids in Africa a lot to my girls. I told them about watching the Lion King and Julia said she had never seen that movie! I about fell out of my chair! This girl owns every Disney movie.......or so I thought. I told Brian to get the movie and instructed Julia to grab every blanket and pillow in the house. We made a semi-comfy bed and popped some popcorn (Cheetos for Belle) and snuggled under the covers and watch the movie together as a family.

They loved it! Julia kept asking me what animals do the kids in Africa see. This warmed my heart because I could pass on the information I was taught by the kids to my daughters.
I think that would be called the CIRCLE OF LIFE :)

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