Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DIY bag

Now that Miss Belle is eating table food, I notice a lot of space in her diaper bag was not getting used. So I decided it was time for a new smaller diaper bag. *trip to Joanne fabrics!* yeah!*
I bought this pretty blue fabric and my wonderful friend Ashley gave me some pink fabric she used for curtains. now I can get started! I got the pattern from Martha Stewart. I am not a professional sewer! my grandma will point out some things I could have done different. but I have fun making things and when people ask me "where did you get that?" I love to say "I made it!"
add pockets for little things that I seem to always be searching for.
When sewing you want to make sure you do things inside out. the seems always looks better in the end.
I am hard a work........

now I have both sides complete next is to put them together:
i added buttons to fasten the straps Martha didn't call for them but It's OK to change things.
All done!
Is it perfect? no! there's some holes in the seems I missed.
does it hold Miss Belle's diapers and wipe? yes
Do I love it? Yes!

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