Monday, November 28, 2011


***************I hope everyone had a perfect Thanksgiving! Ours was busy and full of love and laughter as always!***************************
When I think about being thankful I will always remember a family we met in Uganda.
One of the women that works for Cove is Annette. she lives in Chicago, and does all the paper work for the board. She is a very kind sweet soul!
Annette is also a sponsor to a little boy that attends the school at St. Jerome Cove Center. One day we took a long car ride and then walked on foot for about 45 minutes in the deep jungle. having not a real clue where we were going but trust in our guides Richard, Joesph and Harriet.
all the sudden we herd cheers from a women. she ran up to annette and gave her the biggest hug with tears in her eyes. saying "thank you! thank you! thank you!"

She is the mother of Annette's sponsor child.
I cant imagine every month sending a check for $25 and not wonder what this child looks like or what he's interested in? what is his family like? his day to day activities? does your money actually help him? Do the recipients ever wonder about you?
Annette got all her answers by looking at this mother face. she was given presents and so many thank yous. To this family, having one child attend school is the best thing for them! They know how important education is for their son. He now has the chance to become whatever he wants all because Annette sent $25!!
the other part of this story that was so powerful to everyone was the fact that Annette's sponsor grandmother was out picking beans to sell and bring in some income for the family to live off of. she herd we were there and this almost 80 year old women ran back home when she got there she did not say anything to us she got down on her knees and prayed for us. She continued to stay on her knees praying the entire time we were there. for almost 2 hours she did not move from her spot!
$25 a month seems so little to us but its a life changing amount to a family in Uganda.
Please if you would like to find out more about the sponsorship program click here.

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