Friday, November 25, 2011


February of 2010 I was driving the Julia to preschool. still in a lot of shock that I had a little baby growing inside me when I noticed I had a text message on my phone. I stopped the car at the parking lot of her school and checked what the message said:
it was from my Uncle Jeremy! I was ecstatic! I knew how much he wanted to be a daddy and what great parents Lesli and Jeremy would be!
fast forward 9 months and I got another text message:
again I was ecstatic! and rushed to the hospital as soon as I could!

Fast forward again to a year! I wanted to get some cupcake eating pictures of JP and gift it for a birthday present. I thought I was being cleaver because i used a table cloth as the background and when he was done make a mess I could just throw it away and be done with clean up. easy right? NO!
JP was scared of the background! didn't matter if there was a cupcake he was getting away from it!

So I gave in and let him sit on the floor. much better.
I moved him in front of the background so I could still get it in the picture and finally got the shots that I wanted.

He's the happiest baby in the world! he has the sweetest laugh and always claps for you if you ask him to. I love getting to spend my days with him and the other two babies. I cant believe how fast time goes! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JP!!!!!!

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