Friday, November 4, 2011

another day off!

Today I am thankful for another day off! I love my job babysitting the babies but when I have the three babies it's hard to go anywhere with all of them. So it just happened that i had another Friday off. so i slept till 10:00! woke up to the sounds of my baby girl playing with her toys in her crib. we got up ate got dressed and then headed out to have a fun day of window shopping!
we went to the craft store and mommy looked at all the supplies and day dreamed about crafting. I always feel inspired to make some super cute things after window shopping there. Then as a treat for Miss Belle we window shopped at her favorite store.... the Pet store!! I have said that she is extremely shy well that is only with people. she is crazy about dogs (she calls them dog-dog.) she will hug them, scream at them, laugh and try to kiss their faces. to say the least it was pretty hard to leave the pet store with out a new puppy for her to love on, but we had a lunch date to get to. we met up with my two cousins at the mall and then walked around and chit chated.
sometimes i feel like i am living the same day over and over again. wake up, take Julia to school feed the babies change the babies play with the babies put babies down for naps, do house work and repeat everything with babies again. Like I said I love having the babies and knowing that miss Belle has friends to play with everyday but sometimes i wonder if she feels like she is just another baby I babysit. (this might sound so stupid lol) so i am grateful to have a day to spoil and spend quality time with just her.

When I was with my cousins, we were talking about how we know people that spend their days off parting and going out. They think we are boring mommies that don't do anything but spend time with our kids. well I have been to parties and hung out at clubs dancing and drinking but NOTHING compares to watching my baby girl giggle at a puppy licking her face.

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