Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November 1st!

Today is November first! everyone is still exhausted from last night. I overheard Julia's prayers before bed and she said "Thank you God for inventing Trick or treating!"I love her! but what i don't love is grabbing my camera only to find that the battery is dead! so all my trick or treating pictures are on my phone and It takes to long to get them on to the computer from there. so I am going to share what we did last week. PUMPKIN PATCH!!!!!don't they look excited?!

Brian says one on his favorite pictures of The Julia is when we took her to pick out her first pumpkin where she is surrounded by pumpkins.
He wanted a simalar picture of miss Belle. so they were off on the search

We found a big pile of tiny ones all together and sat her on top.
The next day we carved:

Miss Belle didn't understand what we were doing.

Ok since it is the first day of November I want to start everyday this month by telling you one thing I am thankful for. so here i go:
1. I am beyond thankful for my husband! he is my biggest support without him I really wouldn't have half the things I have now. I am so grateful to have a man that treats me so good and always puts his family first. He is my voice of reasoning when I get carried away in dream world and yet he tries to make them come true anyways. he puts up with my goofy ideas and goes along with them all the while having a smile on his face. He knows when i need a break and He's more than willing to go out of his way for me. I couldn't ask for a better husband, daddy, or best friend.

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