Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Me in ten years

Where do you want to be in your life Ten years from now?
Well I hope and pray that in ten years my life looks a lot like this family:

when I was a little girl we had a babysitter named Margie. I remember little bits and pieces of that time. she would dance and sing to Whitney Huston and she thought me how to change my brother's diaper. our families were pretty close that we went on a vacation to Gatlinburg together. Then they moved so distance and life changes made my parents and Margie and Bob grow apart.

Bout a year and a half my mom told me i had to look up on Facebook and find Margie. she said you will never believe this! so like a good daughter I did and I found pictures of their trips to Africa and helping children but what shocked me the most is in their family picture THERE WERE TEN KIDS!!!!!!! right away I smiled and messaged her about my trip to Uganda (I was just starting to plan for my trip) I had so many questions about safety, food, and bathrooms. Margie was awesome and she really calmed all of my fears. (now i look back and see how silly i must of sounded)
They have an amazing family with so much love and laughter. I was completely jumping out of my skin excited to take their pictures this past weekend! I knew i wanted to do something fun and different with them and they were so up for it! Thank you Margie, Bob and children :)
here's the fun part: each person got a can of silly string and they just went crazy!!!! this photo is an after photo we gave all the empty cans to the baby. I call this photo: I DIDN'T DO IT!

Day 2 of what i am thankful for:
My girls! I love how even very early on in thier sisterhood they are so close.I we are playing wrestling with Julia, Belle screams! she doesn't want anything bad to happen to her big sister. we didn't find out the sex of the baby until she was born (we hoped for a boy) I remember when the doctor pulled her out and said "it's a GIRL!" The very first thing i thought about was, 'now Julia will always have a best friend.'
maybe in ten years I wont have ten kids but I'm praying for 5.
God reads blogs right?

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