Monday, December 26, 2011

Belly shots

Confession: I pretty much had a love/hate relationship with being pregnant! I hated feeling fat and not myself. I hated the uncomfortable sleepless nights. I had to have help doing a lot of simple things like getting groceries out of the car or getting something on a high shelf. It's hard for me to admit when I can't do something and ask for help.

But I loved feeling the baby moving. It was safe from the outside world I was protecting my little one. I never felt alone and in a strange way I felt like I already knew my childs personality and they knew mine. But the other part of pregnancy that I liked was the spike of creativity I got, especially when it came to pregnancy pictures!

Three days after this last one was taken my baby girl was born! and since then I have thought of tons more pregnancy pictures I wished I would had done. so this time around expect more silly, cute, sweet, fun pictures of my belly :)

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