Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Post countdown

I like Countdowns. I don't know why but if ever there is a countdown on TV of music videos, embarrassing moments, worst plastic surgery, most fascinating people, or just recap of the year, I have to watch it. So I thought since this is the time where everyone does the countdowns I would do my own!

Today's countdown is the Top Ten Blog post that have been viewed from my blog by you!
(If you click on the color text it will take you to the original post)

#10: Presentation
What a great night sharing our stories and meeting new people that are interested in our Uganda family!
#9 Halloween decoration week
My silly little creation

#8 Christmas Pictures

Our twist on the traditional family portraits

#7 Coupon Queen
I cant find the picture for this post but check it out anyway :)

#6 O Christmas tree
something about a baby knocking over Christmas trees. I guess everyone likes a laugh I was honestly more worried about Korben hurting himself!!!
#5 I do goofy things

I don't know if people were laughing at me when they read this one or they thought that's awesome and they painted their floors too............... OK your just laughing I know it!

#4 Last weekend in pictures

Have to say this was a fun weekend
#4 I am a proud big sister
Love him!

#2 Things that could have gone wrong
Still gives me chills

and the number 1 post that has been read the most on my blog belongs to this wonderful family!

#1 me in ten years

Thank you for reading my blog!

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