Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Top Ten Sessions

I LOVE my job as a photographer! I love meeting new people and hanging out for an hour or so and just taking pictures! It honestly never feels like work for me!
This countdown was hard for me to organize because I have sooo many favorite pictures that I have taken and I still think I am missing some great pictures to post on here! But for now this is my Top Ten Favorite pictures/sessions I have done in the past year!

#10 Carter and Sarah

they are a great couple! I had so much fun walking around downtown Dayton with them scoping out different and odd places to take pictures these were taken in front of 4 different color garage doors! Loved how they were up for my silly ideas and didn't question them :) can't wait till the wedding even if i go in labor I WILL be there :P

#9 Giving Birth!

Yes I had the privilege To be in the room while Brandy was in so much pain and discomfort. I watch how Justin held her hand and encouraged her every step of the way. then I watched how these two people became parents! It was a session I will never forget and can't wait to do again!!!!
#8 My second family
The Martini's are one of my favorite families to take pictures of. They have gotten more picture sessions with me than anyone else! (JP being the most photographed out of all of them) I love how fun they are. We always have a few good laughs and get some great pictures!!
#7 My favorite engaged couple!
Ashely and Travis are so made for each other! little Lucas was such a good sport through out their session. He sat quietly in his stroller the whole time. I talked him into getting in the last picture and it was perfect!
#6 Prom
I LOVED high school!!!! and I LOVED prom!! I wish they would have prom for every age, OK maybe that would be silly, but It was so much fun dressing up and getting your hair done and dancing all night long! I was soo excited to do this before Prom session with Grayson and Jac! His Dad was a little nervous about this picture not only is there kissing but shes sitting on a rental car!! lol no one was hurt thankfully :P

#5 Fall Family
I don't even think I need to explain why I love this picture! Just look at how happy and in love and silly they are and it's all in one picture!

#4 Wedding!
This wedding was so much fun!!!!!Jenna was the perfect Bride and Brian was so excited to marry her he pushed the wedding date up TWICE!!! Jenna had this idea for a picture and I am just so beyond thrilled with the way it turned out!

#3 Senior!
Miss Anna was a dream client! she had tons of ideas and picked out some great locations for her senior pictures to be taken. I felt like we knew each other for a long time and we were just hanging out all day. shes gorgeous and smart and up for any and every thing!

#2 Breaking the law!
This is Ethan, He is one! His momma brought some bubbles to entertain him while i snapped away. I knew the location we were at in the park doesn't allow photographers to take pictures of but I thought lets go anyway :) So as we sat down and got things ready in the corner of my eye I saw a park employee walking up to us to kick us out. I quickly snapped this picture! absolutely perfect!!!!!!
#1 Favorite photo session of the past year belongs to.........
This family (again!) I mean come on! a family of 10 children, mom, dad, and twelve cans of silly string! how can this NOT be my favorite!!!!!!

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