Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top Family pictures of the year

Top TEN family pictures of the year!

#10 Here comes the Bride
My Wedding dress was actually my Great Grandmas dress! I saw this idea to take a picture of your daughter wearing your wedding dress. I had to do it! I love her smile in it too!
#9 Birthday Pictures
we were way behind on getting her birthday pictures done but I am glad we waited because they turned out perfect!! still can't believe she's 6!

#8 hug
One day Julia was having a bad day. she had gotten in trouble at school and came home very upset. Belle reached over and gave her sister a big hug!

#7 my favorite part about breast feeding miss Belle was her looking up at me with those eyes. It was like she was telling me thank you for everything you have done for me. I didn't want any pictures of me feeding her but i had to have a picture of her beautiful blue eyes!
#6 Bowling
Julia is something else! she loves to have a good time and doesn't care if people stare at her. I hope she never loses that confidence in herself.
#5 angry lumberjack

Brian bought her this hat. I hated it and so did Belle! but there's something about a naked angry baby that makes me kind of fall in love with the silly hat :)
#4 First Hug
This picture means so much to me!
#3 simple math
I admit i stole this idea but seriously how could i not!
#2 New house!
This past year has been a roller coaster ride for my family. we went from having a plan to everything getting pulled out from under neath us to being the most lucky blessed people in the world! (also my girls and i are decked out in our Africa clothes)
#1 Sisters/Best friends
Miss Belle was beyond mad at me on this day. But mommy was determined to get her 9 month pictures taken. Julia sat down next to her to help me cheer her up and instead of getting Belles pictures done I got a picture of my girls that I will cherish forever!

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