Monday, March 26, 2012

Making grandma cry

Remember my Grandma, Mary Ellen? Well this past weekend we had a huge surprise for her! My mom told her she was taking her shopping for the day but when she picked her up she realized she forgot her check book!! O-NO! So they had to stop by the house to pick it up. when my mom walked into the house we were all there waiting. we sent out two blonde little boys ages 5 and 4 from Omaha Nebraska! (i have pictures but not on my camera so I cant post those yet) Then walked out their mom Crystal!

You see Crystal is my grandma's third grandchild that because of distance we don't see very often at all! in fact we never met her boys only seen them grow up threw pictures she sends us.
The first thing my Grandma said after she gave them hugs was "this is way better than a day of shopping!" The last time Crystal was in town was over 5 years ago! here she is pregnant with her oldest M.J.
and now I am the one pregnant!
There are 15 grandchildren but some were not able to come to the surprise get together. one day we will get that picture with all of us!

But all the Great-grand kids were there! one you just can't quite see her face yet :)

We love making my grandma cry for good reasons! and this surprise was probably the best one!!!

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