Thursday, May 10, 2012

my alone time

After taking Prom pictures I found myself driving the country roads. I had the evening off from being mommy and wife so I thought why not pull over.....

 after enjoying my photography adventure I went grocery shopping. I ended up walking down every isle just soaking in my alone time. I was thinking some women my age would have spent their nights off from being a mommy hanging out with friends, drinking or dancing but me, I go to random road stops and took pictures....I am such a dork! When I finally got to the register I over herd someone say that all the cashiers had gotten off at 10..... 10 o'clock!!!
"o my gosh is it really that late?"
the cashier nodded.
I called Brian to let him know I was fine and just lost track of time taking pictures.
he said, "Yea I had a feeling that's what you were doing."
he knows me so well :)
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