Monday, June 25, 2012

Free Bike wash!

Last week we drove by a youth group from a church in our neighborhood was hosting. Julia begged me to stop and let them clean our van. I agreed and pulled over. While we sat in our van watching the teens spray and scrub the dirt and bird poo of our windows I could see the Julia about to explode! "Ask them if you can help."
Julia jumped out of the van and picked up a sponge and got right to work!
The other Teens loved her and even held her up so she could reach the tops of the cars. We were there for at least a half hour! Julia washed 4 cars!
When we finally got home I started cooking lunch. Julia came into the kitchen and asked if she could please have a car wash at our house. I agreed but under one circumstance: Her free car wash poster had to be done in only pencil! (the people passing would not be able to read her sign)

                 I went out and told her that I think her Bike could use a good washing.
We filled up a tub full of water gave her a sponge and turned the hose on. She was out there for another half hour cleaning that bike!

 I do feel really bad about sabatoshing her car wash but I couldn't risk have a block full of cars pulling into my driveway! What  really matters is that she had fun, stayed busy, and now has a clean bike!

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